Ranunculus Success XXL

The Ranunculus Success XXL collection consists of a large assortment of varieties with full double flowers, available in a wide colour range. The compact growth quality makes this assortment a beautiful collection for the garden or patio. The large flowers will flower a long time and tolerate cold very well, but no frost. The Ranunculus Success XXL™ is available in lots of different types. Because of this the Ranunculus is one of the more popular Pot Plants in the assortment.

Cultural advice and information are based on conditions in the Netherlands.

Ranunculus Success XXL in PotsRanunculus Succes® XXL™ Tropico

Ranunculus Success XXL is delivered as pre- germinated tubers, 1 tuber per pot. The Pot Plant Ranunculus Success XXL can be grown best in a 17 cm pot. Plant the tubers 2 cm under the soil. It is important that the tubers(Young Plants) do not dry out before the planting. After planting, water the pots sufficiently so that the tubers can make contact with the soil, + drenche with Topsin and Ridomil Gold.

After planting it is important to keep a constant cool pot temperature, to stimulate the rooting. If the pots are not kept cool enough, the rooting and flowering will be delayed. In the beginning Ranunculus needs to be kept moist.

The substrate for Ranunculus Success XXL

The substrate needs to be an airy medium. Best is a combination of peat (coarse pieces), clay and perlite. Recommended PH of 5.5 to 6.0. Do not mix cocos in the soil.


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