After our Peony in bud video we have filmed all of our blooming Peonies from above! The result is a sea of beautiful colored and fragrant Peonies. With this many blooming Peonies, more than a hundred varieties and in total more than a million Peonies it is an impressive sight!

Our Peony field was filmed on a sunny day in June with a drone.Click on the video below to watch the video

Peonies are increasingly popular

The Peony is known to be the a symbol of love and luck, that’s why in the past Peonies were often only used at special romantic occasions. Nowadays we see the Peonies being used not only at weddings but also more in large bouquets, field bouquets, in the garden and in vases at home. Because who doesn’t want to have one of the most romantic flowers at home?

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Paeonia Angel Cheeks | Green WorksTrendy because of the varied fragrances, colors and shapes

Thanks to the many varieties the Peony is an impressive plant. There are hundreds of Peony varieties which have lots of different shapes. The shapes vary from single and double flower types to the so-called ‘’bomb’’ shape. The Peony Angel Cheeks is a great example of this shape. The flower is completely filled with lots of petals. Peonies can also be very fragrant  and here also the scent varies per variety. The most fragrant Peony is the Duchesse de Nemour. So with this many varieties there is a suitable Peony for every decor!

Green Works Peony plants from our own nursery

The Peony plants from Green Works are being delivered from our own nursery. Green Works has many years of growing experience in Peonies. We only supply plants that have been grown for 2 years, from which no flowers have been harvested. We also do an intensive selection for viruses and we make sure that the plants are true to variety. By checking all these point we make sure that we deliver top quality plants. 

Paeonia Itoh Garden Treasure | Green WorksExceptional Peony plants from Green Works

Itoh peonies originated from a cross between lactiflora (general peony) and suffruticosa (tree peony). As a result the plant develops beneath the soil as a normal peony (easy to divide) and above the soil as a tree peony. This results in the ultimate garden peony with lots of decorative value. When an Itoh peony has been grown for several years it is not unusual for the plant to produce 50 or more flowers. After flowering the Itoh peony is still a beautiful garden plant with decorative value. 

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Paeonia Patio Peony Madrid | Green WorksThe ultimate exclusive Patio Peony for the pot

Green Works Patio Peonies are very suitable for the pot and specially selected by the compact growth habit and ease of flowering in pot and garden!

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