The Ranunculus Butterfly™ Hera® from Green Works is through to the finals of the Glass Tulip award! Known as the award for the best market introduction of the year. In the categories 'Cut flowers', 'Concepts', 'Flowering houseplants', 'Green houseplants' and 'Garden plants'. With this award, new products, and therefore innovation, are put in the spotlight. Truly a crown on our work! And we are very proud on this beautiful achievement!

A professional jury, together with a committee from Royal FloraHolland, made this decision after watching a video of our beautiful product. You can watch this video below. Note: the video is in Dutch.

The finals will take place on December 10th. There will be a digital event.

Ranunculus Butterfly™ is a cut flower introduced by Green Works. The flower is good for a long vase life. It is an unique variety because of its single and double formed flowers. The flower petals have a tiny layer of wax that gives them a sparkling appearance and a long vase life too. With 7 to 15 buds per stem, the Butterfly™ is the only 'spray Ranunculus'. Also excellent for field bouquets.


  • New collection                  
  • Many flowers per stem
  • Long blooming time
  • Excellent vase life
  • Long stems
  • Bright colors
  • From tissue culture
  • MPS-A+ certified

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