The Peony Trial Garden from Green Works is growing very fast and the garden becomes more beautiful with each day. Every week there is more to see. With over 300 different peony varieties, our trial Garden in Schagen, the Netherlands, truly is a sight to behold. Click on the image below to have a look at the video to gain an impression of how our trial garden looks. Everyone is welcome to make an appointment and visit us. To see our beautiful Trial Garden with your own eyes. Or click here!

Do you want to visit our peony trial garden in Schagen, the Netherlands? It's possible! Make an appointment and join us at the unique location of our trial garden. You can find the location by clicking on this link. The Peony Trial Garden is situated next to the crossing/intersection Westerweg and Zuiderweg in Schagen, the Netherlands.

Special dates for a trial garden visit:

- Week 20, 21 en 22 open on Friday in the afternoon and Saturday morning;
- Week 23 (Green Works Peony Days, Tuesday to Friday) open all week;
- Week 24 (FlowerTrials, Tuesday to Friday) open all week.

Do you want to visit our trial garden on a different date then the above mentioned dates? Please contact us to make an appointment. Send an email to or contact:

Want to know more about our beautiful peonies? Click here for our large assortment!