CSU Flower Trial Garden 2015The 2015 Annual and Perennial Trials at the Colorado State University, USA, are happening quickly. Our Dahlia XXL Aztec Veracruz was voted best as ''Best of Show'' last year. Here's what they had to say about this variety:

Voted as "Best Dahlia" in 2013,XXL Aztec Veracruz made it to the top as "Best Of Show" in 2014 with beautiful lavender and white bicolor flowers. The stunning display of flowers was a perfect combination of color, large blooms, prolific flowering and uniform growth habit all season long. The decorative flowers had soft shades of lavender and white which would also possibly make good cut flowers for the consumer. The vigorous plants maintained uniform growth and resisted lodging with strong stems.

Be sure to look for this beautiful variety in our 2014 Best of Circle! At CSU we display the previous year's winners at no cost to the flower company.

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Dahlia XXL Aztec Veracruz voted ''Best Dahlia'' at last years CSU Flower Trials

Dahlia XXL Aztec Veracruz | Green Works InternationalColorado State University Flower Trials with ''Best Dahlia'' XXL Veracruz








Dahlia XXL Aztec Veracruz at the Colorado State University Flower Trial Garden

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