Ranunculus Butterfly™ Ariadne®

Green Works varieties to semi-finals of prestigious Glass Tulip 2017 award


Great news! The by Green Works introduced and grown varieties Ranunculus Butterfly™ Ariadne® and Agapanthus Summer Love™ White® will be competing in the semi-finals of the Glass Tulip 2017 award. This is an annual award in the Dutch cut flower industry for the best market introduction of the year.

The semi-finalists are selected from among hundreds of new cultivars and concepts introduced annually at the auction. A third and last voting round follows in June. Customers of Royal FloraHolland will be able to vote. Finalist will be announced in November 2017. Winners are chosen by an expert and public-oriented jury.

Ranunculus Butterfly™ Ariadne® has been nominated in the cut flower category. It is a soft pink coloured flower that looks great. This variety is unique because of its single flowers and because the stems can carry five to seven flowers each. The flower petals have a tiny layer of wax that gives them a sparkling appearance and a long vase life too. This cut flower suits the current time perfectly thanks to its natural appearance of a field bouquet. 

The benefits of Ranunculus Butterfly™ Ariadne® are:

  • Many flowers
  • Long blooming time
  • Many flowerstems (spray)
  • From tissue culture
  • Long vase life
Agapanthus Summer Love™ White®

Agapanthus Summer Love™ White® has been nominated in the outdoor category. Agapanthus is also called the African Lily or the Flower of Love. The name is derived from the Greek language: ‘agape’ means love and ‘anthos’ means flower.

Agapanthus Summer Love™ White® is a true sunbather. The plant has its seeds in the South of South Africa. It is very suitable for patio or in the garden. This lily of love attracts with its long green leaves and beautiful white flowers.

The benefits of Agapanthus Summer Love™ White® are:

  • Continue flowering through the summer
  • Unique compact Agapanthus plant
  • Very beautiful patio plant
  • Early flowering
  • Strong stems
  • Virus free
  • Guaranteed flowering