Our new Paeonia catalog for the upcoming season is here! This catalog gives you an overview of our unique, expanded assortment for 2020/2021. Our peonies are beautifully pictured in this catalog that has a modern layout and high resolution photos.

Green Works is the perfect partner for excellent quality planting material 

Green Works is a supplier of young planting material for the professional cultivation. In the Netherlands, we are a grower of peonies. We grow peonies for cut flower growers and wholesale companies. We are active in the Netherlands and abroad. We export our peonies from our own farm to you. The quality of our planting material of peonies makes us really different and unique in this market, because we grow our own stock.

Through many years of experience in growing, we can deliver top quality planting material. Green works is seen as a real specialist in the peonies market due to our professional coaching support, large assortment and promotion support.

Unique en various Paeonia assortment

Our product range includes a large number of peony varieties. You can find them in the catalog or on our website. All our varieties are shown with high resolution pictures and detailed information. We have peonies for cut flower production and for pot use.


For questions, more information or orders, please contact:

Daan Kneppers

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Ed Kleijbeuker

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