Have a look at how we process our Peony plants from start to finish:

Our Peonies are being grown in the south of The Netherlands in Limburg. Here they grow for at least two years in sandy soil. This soil is ideal for the roots to grow. 

After two years the Peony plants are ready to dig up. We harvest no flowers from the field. To ensure high quality Peony plants they stay as long as possible in the ground and we dig them up when we need them.

After the Peony plants have been dug up they go to our facility. Here we scan each crate so we can have a complete track and trace system of how many Peony plants we have and where they are in the process.

The Peony plants are being divided by hand and counted via an electronic counting system. This way we can ensure that we can deliver the exact number of Peony plants as agreed with our customers all over the world.

After dividing the plants they get a fungicide dip so that all places where plants have been cut get are protected against fungicide.

To ensure that our Peony plants are not dried out on arrival we attach a plastic sheet under the crates onto the pallet. Afterwards we cover the crates in a plastic sleeve. The humidity level stays perfect for the Peony plants.

Afterwards we transport the Peony plants to our customers all over the world who now can grow the most beautiful Peonies. These Peonies can be used for the pot or to create the most beautiful bouquets with cut flowers.


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For more information about the Peony young plants or other varieties please contact:

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