In our greenhouses in the Westland in the Netherlands we work hard to plant the Bletilla and CannaSol varieties of Green Works. These Bletilla varieties, winterhardy orchids, have a flowering time in early summer and are available at Green Works from wk. 49 to wk. 15.

Varieties: Bletilla striata, Bletilla striata Alba, Bletilla striata Alba Variegated, Bletilla striata Blue Dragon, Bletilla striata Kuchibeni, Bletilla striata Marcel Clapdrop and Bletilla striata Shi-ran.

For more information, visit our Bletilla page.


Our beautiful CannaSol™ are in the ground. These varieties have a flowering time from May to September. Available at Green Works from wk. 2 to wk. 24. These self cleaning varieties, with large flowers, continue to bloom and have a compact growing habit.

Varieties: CannaSol™ Happy Carmen®, CannaSol™ Happy Cleo®, CannaSol™ Happy Emily®, CannaSol™ Happy Eva®, CannaSol™ Happy Isabel®, CannaSol™ Happy Julia®, CannaSol™ Happy Rebecca® en CannaSol™ Happy Wilma®.

For more information, visit our CannaSol page.