In this video, we explain what is important when potting peonies. A lot of problems can be prevented if everything is done right. Watch the video above and feel free to contact us for more info!

Our peonies are already disinfected and dipped in a mix of fertilizers, vitamins and some other supplements. For different pot sizes we trim the peonies back to fit a specific pot size. But you have to pot the peonies yourself. This is our advice:

  • Use a well drained soil mix
  • The peony has to be potted with the eyes facing upwards
  • The entire peony has to be covered with soil. This is important!
    • If not, the peony dries out. The plant won't grow as good as usual and this will have a negative result on the plant/flower development
  • Press the soil to ensure there are no air pockets
  • Make sure all peonies all peonies are labeled correctly
  • Water the peonies well when placed on the container field
  • Make sure the container field is well drained

Watch the video to see the whole potting process!