By Green Works introduced Ranunculus Butterfly™ Ariadne® nominated for Glass Tulip award

The by Green Works introduced Ranunculus Butterfly™ Ariadne® has been nominated for the Glass Tulip award 2017. This is a prestigious award in the Dutch cut flower industry for the best market introduction of the year 2017.

Ranunculus Butterfly™ Ariadne® is a beautiful, soft pink coloured cut flower that looks great in every environment. This variety is unique because of its single flowers and because the stems can carry five to seven flowers each. The flower petals have a tiny layer of wax that gives them a sparkling appearance and gives them a long vase life too. Ranunculus Butterfly™ Ariadne® suits the current time perfectly thanks to its natural appearance of a field bouquet. This variety has many pros!

The nominees are selected from among the hundreds of new cultivars and concepts introduced annually at the auction. The second voting round is open right now. Only members of Royal FloraHolland can vote. The third and final voting round follows in June. The winners are chosen by buyers and sellers at Royal FloraHolland and an expert and public-oriented jury.

Ranunculus Butterfly™ Ariadne® is available in week 40 in root size nr. 1.