What a beautiful and colorful parcel of flowers! Our CannaSol™ fields in Limburg, the Netherlands look amazing and that attracts a lot of attention from by passers who are visibly impressed. As you can see in the video above, that is understandable. You will find more information about this virus free plants below. This unique CannaSol™ series is the result of our own breeding activities.  We know the strengths of these plants like no other.

New: our virus free CannaSol™ tubers are available in root size nr. 1 and nr. 2!

The benefits of CannaSol™ are:

  • Virus free
  • Large flowers
  • Heat resistant
  • Long flowering time
  • Approved for export to USA / Canada
  • Very compact plant (no pinching or growth retardant needed)
  • Self-cleaning flowers

Growing information

  • Available: week 2 tot week 24
    • Plug size: 60 hole plug
  • Leverbaar: week 45 tot week 15
    • Root size: nr. 1, virus free root, 100 per crate
    • Root size: nr. 2, virus free root, 150 per crate
  • Pot size: 17 - 23 cm.
  • Growing time: 8 - 11 weeks (depends on temperature)
  • Height: about 50 cm. (depends on variety)
  • Greenhouse temperature: 12 - 21 C.

* At time of purchase, all our varieties are inclusive free support with regard to growing, promotion and photography.

Take a look at the complete CannaSol™ assortment.