The peony plants have been in the ground for 2 years already and the it is time to dig up the first peonies! We let the peonies in the ground for as long as possible and dig them up per order. The peonies in the video below have been planted in the autumn of 2014. These peony plants will be available for sale in the autumn of 2016. All of our peony plants are delivered from our own nurseries (two years growth) where the flowers are not harvested from the plants.


The peonies are digged up in September / October / November and stored until planting time. When you need to store peonies at this time do not store them at temperatures much lower than the outdoor soil temperature. When stored at much colder temperatures it will break the dormancy of plant too early and will create early sprout forming.

  • Till November: No cooling, outdoor temperature
  • November / December: Store at 2 degrees Celsius
  • January: Store the plants well packed at 0 till -2 degrees Celsius

When you receive plants and you need to hold plants for a short period of time please place in cooler at proper temperature just before planting.

Make sure plants do NOT dry out, do NOT put a fan in direction of plants. Drying out the roots of peonies is very bad for future performance.

Planting peonies

The best time to plant the peonies is in Autumn. The roots can grow better in a cool period which will turn into more flowers in spring. Try to plant the peonies before half November. Peonies that are planted in autumn should not be cooled during storage. When the cooling period lasts too long the plant will start to grow even before the winter. This will result in damage to the plant in in the winter or in early spring.

New growth


  • Take a soil sample and nematodes sample 
  • Very good drainage system 
  • Free of root weeds 
  • Good soil structure 
  • Crop before with reference to nematodes infection 
  • Spray on time 

For orientation visit the auction and the parcels where peonies are grown for resale (long term purchase).

Planting time:

  • Set up a planting scheme 
  • Outside: September - March (Autumn is the best time to plant) 
  • Put head/eyes upward-facing
  • Preparation of the soil is very important with regard to structure/water drainage 
  • Drainage of the parcel 
  • Plant in moist soil 
  • Take the spraying and harvest of the flowers into account 

Keep the possibility of using tunnels in the future into account when planting (spreading of crop/more yield).

Planting depth:

  • Planting depth +/- 5 CM soil on top of the roots (if planted too deep the plant will give less flowers)

Green Works Care

After extensive testing and research together with various institutions in The Netherlands and abroad we introduce Green Works™ Care for peonies.
The difference between a warm water treatments and Green Works Care™ became very clear after our tests, read the benefits of Green Works Care™ below.


  • No damage caused by warm water treatments
  • Because the treatment is carried out in-house the plants are less dehydrated
  • Special preventive treatment against root knot nematodes and leaf nematodes
  • Plants retain more content and vigor
  • Plant grows better in the first year
  • Blooming more in the second and third year


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