Nominated varieties from Green Works for the Glass Tulip Award

The Glass Tulip award is back! Known as the award for the best market introduction of the year. In the categories 'Cut flowers', 'Concepts', 'Flowering houseplants', 'Green houseplants' and 'Garden plants'. With three nominated varieties from Green Works. Help us with your vote! Read more

We have outgrown ourselves: Green Works has moved

We decided that it was time for a change of scenery and a larger location. We are getting bigger every year and that is why Green Works made the decision to move. Read more

The FlowerTrials were a huge success

The FlowerTrials are over and we can look back on a wonderful, successful and beautiful week. And we want to thank everyone for visiting us! You are the reason that our FlowerTrials was a huge success. So thank you! Read more

The Peony Trial Garden from Green Works looks beautiful. Join us there!

Green Works' Peony Trial Garden, where more than 400 different varieties are growing beautifully, is open again! From May until June 18th we are present every Friday at our trial garden in Schagen, the Netherlands. It is possible to visit us then. On other days as well, but only by personal appointment. Read more

Everything is growing again at our Peony Trial Garden

The Green Works Peony Trial Garden is once again well on its way to becoming a beautiful and colorful sea of flowers. More than 400 different Peonies are growing wonderfully. Read more

Our Peonies are growing again

As far as we're concerned, these kinds of news items are always fun to share: our Peonies are starting to grow again. And that makes us happy! Read more

Ranunculus Romance Supreme™: gigantic flowers

Meet the Ranunculus Romance Supreme™. This is actually a step up from the usual Ranunculus Romance™ varieties, because the flowers of Supreme™ are even bigger! Read more

Our Ranunculus star in a beautiful publication

We don't want to withhold this from you: our beautiful Ranunculus star in a special Valentine's publication in the British bridal magazine Destination Weddings. Read more

Our beautiful Ranunculus on a wedding blog

A beautiful article has appeared on the wedding blog Girls for Honour about the photoshoot that we did last year with our lovely Ranunculus flowers. Read more

Beautiful Ranunculus from Green Works in China

We have received some really nice pictures and videos of our Ranunculus in China. One of our customers gives us a look at how their Ranunculus turned out. Read more

What's in a name: Sarah Bernhardt, Alexander Fleming and Shirley Temple

What's in a name? Some of the names of our Peonies of Green Works have a rich history behind them. Because those names are, for example, based on people from the past. Like Sarah Bernhardt, Alexander Fleming and Shirley Temple. Read more

Green Works' Peony catalog (2022-2023)

Have you seen our Paeonia catalog yet? This catalog gives you an overview of our unique and expanded assortment for 2022/2023. We once again added many new and beautiful varieties to our already extensive assortment. Our peonies are beautifully pictured in this catalog that has a modern layout and high resolution photos. Read more

The newest Ranunculus catalog from Green Works is here!

The new Ranunculus catalog from Green Works has come online! Every year we update our catalog, because our assortment also keeps changing each season. Read more

Let's have a walk through our processing warehouse

Let's have a walk through our processing warehouse. Here we are processing your Peonies and we are making them ready for delivery. Nice work! Read more

Beautiful articles with and about our Ranunculus

Not to long ago our beautiful Ranunculus were used for a photoshoot at Huize Frankendael in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. By the idea and production of Katya Hutter. And these pictures are appearing in more and more articles. Read more

Green Works is digging up the Peonies

We are working on digging up the Peonies. And we want to show you how we do that as well. Some really nice work! Read more

Thank you for visiting Green Works' Peony Trial Garden

Green Works' Peony Trial Garden, where we have more than 400 different varieties, has been growing beautifully! It truly was a sight to behold. All of the visitors enjoyed it, and so did we. Thank you for visiting us! Read more

A new virtual tour of our Peony Trial Garden

Ook de tweede virtuele tour van onze Pioenenproeftuin staat online. En in deze tour is er weer veel meer te zien. Read more

A lot more blooming Peonies from Green Works

Not so long ago we gave you an update from the sky of our flowering Peony fields in Limburg, the Netherlands, but a lot more Peonies have bursted into flower in the meantime. Peonies as far as the eye can see! Read more

Millions and millions of blooming peonies from Green Works

We have got another update from the sky: this is how our peony fields in Limburg, the Netherlands look at the moment. Millions and millions of flowering peonies for you to enjoy! It truly looks amazing! Read more