Video: our CannaSol™ fields are truly a sight to behold

What a beautiful and colorful parcel of flowers! Our CannaSol™ fields in Limburg, the Netherlands look amazing and that attracts a lot of attention from by passers who are visibly... Read more

Take a look at the peony fields of Green Works (video)

Come and take a look at the peony fields of Green Works in Limburg in The Netherlands. The spring is here and our plants start to grow. In just a couple of weeks everything will be in bloom. Read more

Video: earthing up the peonies

In this video we show you how we earth up our peonies at the peony show garden in Schagen. This is done in early spring to cover peony roots sufficient. Read more

Potting peonies: this is the best way to do it! (video)

In this video, we explain what is important when potting peonies. A lot of problems can be prevented if everything is done right. Watch the video above and feel free to contact us for more... Read more

Two Green Works varieties to final of prestigious Dutch Tulip Award

Great news! The by Green Works introduced and grown varieties Ranunculus Butterfly™ Ariadne® and Agapanthus Summer Love™ Blue® have reached the final of the Dutch Tulip Award 2017. This ... Read more

Video: how do we process your peonies to get them ready for cultivation?

In this video you will see how Green Works is processing its peonies to get them ready for cultivation. The following subjects can be seen in the video: new mist systems to prevent the... Read more