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Cut Flower Information

Cut Flowers from Green Works

Green Works has many cut flower varieties in its assortment. The plants are available in all shapes and sizes, and suitable for various purposes. The cut flowers are grown to be used for a beautiful mono or mixed bouquet, for use in a vase, as a perennial in the garden and for various other functions.

All cut flowers have their qualities. This makes them very popular with traders and florists. Take these qualities, for example:

  • Beautiful colors;
  • Exclusive flowers;
  • Long vase life;
  • Very large flowers;
  • Winter hardy
  • Sturdy lengths;
  • Fashionable appearance;
  • Seperate shapes.

Have a look at the most important properties of all the available cut flower varieties from Green Works below.

Asclepias Beatrix

Asclepias Beatrix is very popular amongst florists and traders. This is because it is an exclusive flower that stands out because of its beautiful shape and striking orange color. This cut flower also has a good shelf life, so it can be enjoyed for an extra long time. This exclusive cut flower can also be used very well for a mono and mixed bouquet.

Tip: for the highest production, start early. By Dutch standards, this means planting from week 12 to week 16.

Have a look at our Asclepias Beatrix assortment


Green Works is a specialist in the field of Paeonia, also called Peony. In addition to a wide assortment, we offer a number of unique varieties. Thanks to our years of experience in Peony cultivation, we can deliver top quality products and therefore we are seen as a specialist within our field. Plants are supplied from our own cultivation. No flowers are harvested from it. Our Peonies are grown in Limburg – biennial cultivation. We supply young, healthy plant material, true to name and of good size. There is intensive controle for viruses as well.

Have a look at our Paeonia assortment

Paeonia itoh

Itoh Peonies are the result of a cross between the lactiflora (the regular Peony) and the suffruticosa (the tree Peony). As a result, the plants grows underground like a normal Peony and is therefore easy to divide, and above the ground like a tree Peony. This combination makes for the ultimate garden Peony. One with a lot of decorative value. This series retains its ornamental value even after flowering. Green Works has an exceptionally large assortment of Peonies. In addition to the usual assortment, we offer a number of unique varieties.

Bekijk het Paeonia itoh-assortiment


Sales and cultivation support

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