Pot plants, the divers assortment of Green Works

Green Works has a very diverse assortment of pot plants. The most well known and the most beautiful pot plants are highlighted here below. For more information about a specific variety you can click on the link, leading you to the variety product page. Here you will find more detailed cultural information. On the left side of the variety page you will find an easy to download and print PDF with the cultural information from that specific variety.

Cannasol Happy Isabel

Cannasol series

In the tropics Canna flowers year-round. CannaSol™ produces flowers around the middle of May and they will flower until the first night frost. Also the foliage is attractive with its different colors.

CannaSol™ is a complete new series of Canna for the pot. The CannaSol™ collection is made up out of a large assortment of varieties, in a wide range of colors. The compact growing habit, virus free stock, self cleaning flowers, re-blooming habit with large flowers makes this series to a wonderful collection for the patio or garden. The CannaSol™ collection is a result of a large breeding program, and varieties are well tested. CannaSol™ is only reproduced through tissue culture.

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Agapanthus Summer Love

Green Works offers Agapanthus Summer Love™ varieties in it’s assortment. There are multiple specific characteristics of the Agapanthus Summer Love™. For example, the Agapanthus Summer Love™ White® and Blue® are early flowering. They have compact and strong stems, they are continuous flowering through the summer and they are guaranteed flowering.

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