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Besides supplier of young planting material (young plants) for the professional cultivation is Green Works also a large supplier of peonies for the cultivation and trade, in the Netherlands and abroad. The quality of the planting material of Peonies, also known as Paeonia, is what makes us different and unique in the market.

In order to deliver a superior quality of plant material our Peonies meet the following requirements:

  • Young and healthy plant material(2-year crop)
  • True to variety
  • Free of nematodes
  • Free of root weeds
  • Dutch grown and NAKT inspected

Our assortment is divided in the categories Paeonia, Itoh Peony, Patio Peony and Peony Combinations. Read more about each category below for more information.



Peony Catalog 2023 - 2024

Check out our Peony Catalog to see the whole peony assortment in one file: Peony Catalog 2023 - 2024


Green Works International is a specialist in the field of peony. We have an unique assortment of the Paeonia, also known as the peony. Green Works has an exceptionally large assortment of peonies available. Outside the existing assortment we can also offer unique varieties. We grow peonies in Limburg (two-years growing season). We supply young, healthy planting material, true to variety and true to size.

For our customers we also supply marketing material and cultural advice for your peonies. We also send out a monthly Peony Care newsletter with the latest news and tips.

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Paeonia Itoh

Itoh peonies originated from a cross between lactiflora (general peony) and suffruticosa (tree peony). As a result the plant develops beneath the soil as a normal peony (easy to divide) and above the soil as a tree peony. This results in the ultimate garden peony with lots of decorative value. When an Itoh peony has been grown for several years it is not unusual for the plant to produce 50 or more flowers. After flowering the Itoh peony is still a beautiful garden plant with decorative value. 

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Patio Peony

Green Works Patio Peonies are very suitable for the pot and specially selected by the compact growth habit and ease of flowering in pot and garden! The Patio Peony has very strong stems and is selected for container growing.This compact Peony will upgrade every garden! We have an extensive serie growing with striking flowers. These flowers stand out because of their beautiful colours and various shapes. Have a look at the Peonies who are named after famous cities:

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Peony Combination Sweet CandyPeony Combinations

Green Works has created several unique Peony combinations, specially selected for export(trade) and mail order. The different Peony varieties are supported by a catchy name and available promotional material to create unique combinations. This causes a better position and distinctiveness on the Peony niche market! The special selected Peony combinations are all part of the season assortment.

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Peonies in all languages

This is how Peonies are called in other countries:

United States: peony, buy peony, peonies, growing peonies, planting peonies; Poland: Piwonie, kupić piwonię, uprawa piwonii, sadzenie piwonii; Italy: Peonia, acquistare la peonia, coltivare le peonie, piantare le peonie; UK: peony, buy peony, peonies, growing peonies, planting peonies; Canada: peony, buy peony, peonies, growing peonies, planting peonies; France: Pivoine, acheter une pivoine, culture de pivoines, plantation de pivoines; Germany: Pfingstrose, Pfingstrose kaufen, Pfingstrosen anbauen, Pfingstrosen pflanzen; South-Korea: 모란, 모란을 사다, 모란 재배, 모란 심기; Finland: Pioni, ostaa pioni, pionien kasvattaminen, istutus pionit; Sweden/Sverige: Pioner, köpa pion, odling av pioner, plantering av pioner; Kazakhstan: пион, пион сатып алыңыз, пиондар, пиондарды өсіру, пиондарды отырғызу, pïon, pïondar, pïondardı ösirw, pïondardı otırğızw



Sales & Growing support

Do you want to know more about these peonies? Feel free to contact us and we will inform you the best way we can.