Visit us during the IPM

At the end of January we can once again enjoy the annual IPM in Germany. One of the leading trade fairs for horticulture where experts from all around the world gather. And Green Works will also be there, of course. Read more

Paeonia catalog 2020-2021 is here!

Our new Paeonia catalog for the upcoming season is here! This catalog gives you an overview of our unique, expanded assortment for 2020/2021. Read more

The Trade Fair is up and running, visit Green Works

The Trade Fair in Aalsmeer is up and running. The annual event lasts until Friday November 8. And of course Green Works is also present there. Read more

The new Ranunculus catalog is here!

The new Ranunculus catalog is here! In this issue you will find the complete assortment of our unique Ranunculus Butterfly™ and Romance™ series. Read more

Cultivating the soil of the Peony Trial Garden

In our beautiful Peony Trial Garden in Schagen, we've been busy with cultivating the soil for the peonies. Read more

Special planting machine for peonies

At Green Works we have special planting machines for peonies on sale. This specially developed machine is ideal for planting work. Read more

It's Peony Time at Green Works

It's Peony Time at Green Works at that means that it's about time to deliver the roots. Read more

CannaSol are growing beautifully in Limburg

Meanwhile in Limburg: our lovely CannaSol are growing beautifully in Limburg. And it looks amazing. Read more

Flower Day in Latvia a big success

Green Works was present during the Flower Day in Bulduri, Latvia and it was a very successful event. Daan Kneppers was there on behalf of Green Works to give a presentation about the company, but with the emphasis on peonies. Read more

Stand of peonies attracts a lot of attention in Latvia

Are peonies seems to be immensely popular in Latvia also. We visited Latvia to give a presentation about peonies and to let people enjoy this beautiful product. And that was the case! Read more

Bouquets of beautiful peonies

During the FlowerTrials we again had over one hundred vases with beautiful peonies on display. And that attracted a lot of attention. Read more

Elles tells us about her favorite peony: Belgravia

The FlowerTrials are over and again it was a very successful event. A lot of visitors found their way to the stand of Green Works and the reactions were very positive. Everyone was wildly enthusiastic about what we had to offer. In this video our own Elles talks about her favorite peony: Belgravia. Read more

Digging up our Ranunculus

In our greenhouses in the Westland, Holland, we are currently busy with digging up our Ranunculus. Read more

FlowerTrials are up and running

The FlowerTrials are up and running. Everything looks beautiful! You can visit us until Friday June 14 at the stand of Green Works. ust like every year we put our beautiful flowers on display at Hendriks Young Plants at the Maasdijk 174 in 's-Gravenzande in the Netherlands. Read more

Media attention for the Peony Trial Garden from Green Works

During our successful Green Works Peony Days NH Nieuws, a local media company, dropped by our beautiful Peony Trial Garden. Read more

Green Works in the Noordhollands Dagblad

Our beautiful Peony Trial Garden in Schagen, the Netherlands, does not escape the attention of passers-by. In the local newspaper Noordhollands Dagblad, Schager Courant edition, there was a lovely article about our trial garden and our company. And we are very grateful. Read more

Green Works at the FlowerTrials

The Green Works Peony Days were a huge success. Our Peony Trial Garden, where the Peony Days took place, was very crowded and everyone was wildly enthousiastic. We are now getting ready for the FlowerTrials. Read more

The Green Works Peony Days are on its way

Our own beautiful Peony Trial Garden will be the center of attention during the Green Works Peony Days. From 4 until 7 June we would really like to welcome you to our Peony Trial Garden in Schagen, the Netherlands. Read more

Come and join us at the Green Works Peony Trial Garden

The Peony Trial Garden from Green Works is growing very fast and the garden becomes more beautiful with each day. Every week there is more to see. With over 300 different peony varieties, our trial Garden in Schagen, the Netherlands, truly is a sight to behold. Read more

Beautiful Ranunculus at the Flower Circus Show in Kiev

After the successful Flower Circus Show in Krasnodar (Russia) the next show took place in Kiev. And visitors could also enjoy the beautiful Ranunculus Butterfly and Romance flowers during this event. Again, everything looked amazing! Read more