The Green Works Peony Trial Garden grows beautifully

The Peony Trial Garden from Green Works is growing beautifully. Every week there is a lot more to see. With over 300 different peony varieties, our trial Garden in Schagen, the Netherlands, truly is a sight to behold. Read more

Green Works' peony trial garden open to visitors

The Peony Trial Garden from Green Works is open to visitors. With over 300 different peony varieties, our trial Garden in Schagen, the Netherlands, truly is a sight to behold. Read more

Florist Meetup at Monarch Flowers a big success

The Florist Meetup at Monarch Flowers was a big success! Over 70 florists came to visit us for a fun and educational day. Full of beautiful flowers, delicious food and a lot of entertainment. Read more

Our Ranunculus in the greenhouses of Monarch Flowers

While we are busy with bunching our beautiful Ranunculus in our greenhouses in the Westland, the Netherlands, the selections of our Ranunculus at Monarch Flowers are growing steadily. Read more

Ranunculus from Green Works are MPS-A+-certified

The bulbs/bare-root of the Ranunculus Butterfly™ varieties and the Ranunculus Romance™ varieties from Green Works are MPS-A+-certified! Read more

The Green Works peony trial garden is starting to grow

Our beautiful peony trial garden in Schagen already looks amazing at this time. The various peonies are growing nicely and later in the spring our garden will truly be a sight to behold. Read more

Poll Results: Ranunculus Romance or Butterfly?

Through the Facebook pages of Green Works and Monarch Flowers we held a Poll and we asked our fans en followers which Ranunculus variety is favorite: Romance™ or Butterfly™ . Read more

Our Ranunculus varieties are growing beautifully in Portugal

The beautiful Ranunculus Butterfly™ and Romance™ varieties from Green Works are growing beautifully in Portugal. We have a greenhouse there and it looks amazing. Read more

The planting of Bletilla and CannaSol

In our greenhouses in the Westland in the Netherlands we work hard to plant the Bletilla and CannaSol varieties of Green Works. Read more

Ranunculus Butterfly in the greenhouse

Our beautiful Ranunculus Butterfly varieties are a sight to behold in our greenhouses. These plants get an even nicer look in the sunlight. Read more

Paeonia catalog 2019-2020 is now available!

Our new Paeonia catalog for the upcoming season is now available! This catalog gives you an overview of our unique, expanded assortment for 2019/2020. Read more

Video: our CannaSol™ fields are truly a sight to behold

What a beautiful and colorful parcel of flowers! Our CannaSol™ fields in Limburg, the Netherlands look amazing. Read more

Take a look at the peony fields of Green Works (video)

Zo staan onze pioenenvelden in Limburg er op dit moment bij. Nu de lente er weer is, groeien onze planten gestaag. Binnenkort zullen alle percelen prachtig in bloei staan. Read more

Video: earthing up the peonies

In this video we show you how we earth up our peonies at the peony show garden in Schagen. This is done in early spring to cover peony roots sufficient. Read more

Potting peonies: this is the best way to do it! (video)

In this video, we explain what is important when potting peonies. A lot of problems can be prevented if everything is done right. Read more

Two Green Works varieties to final of prestigious Dutch Tulip Award

Great news! Ranunculus Butterfly™ Ariadne® and Agapanthus Summer Love™ Blue® have reached the final of the Dutch Tulip Award 2017. This is an annual award in the Dutch flower industry for the best market introduction of the year. Read more

Video: how do we process your peonies to get them ready for cultivation?

In this video you will see how Green Works is processing its peonies to get them ready for cultivation. Have a look! Read more

Video: a parcel full of beautiful CannaSol™ flowers

As you can see in the video above, CannaSol™ is a beautiful variety. We want to share this beauty with the world. You will find more information about this virus free plants below. This unique CannaSol™ series is the result of our own breeding activities.  We know the strenghts of these plants like no other. New: our virus free CannaSol™ tubers are available in root size nr. 1 and nr. 2! The benefits of CannaSol™ are: Virus free Large flowers Heat resistant Long flowering time Approved for export to USA / Canada Very compact plant (no pinching or growth retardant needed) Self-cleaning flowers Growing information   Available: week 2 tot week 24 Plug size: 60 hole plug Leverbaar: week 45 tot week 15 Root size:  nr. 1, virus free root, 100 per crate Root size: nr. 2, virus free root, 200 per crate Pot size: 17 - 23 cm. Growing time: 8 - 11 weeks (depends on temperature) Height:  about 50 cm. (depends on variety) Greenhouse temperature: 12 - 21 C. * At time of purchase, all our varieties are inclusive free support with regard to growing, promotion and photography.   Contact   Ed Kleijbeuker M:  +31 (0)6 24 94 64 05 E:   Daan Kneppers M:  +31 (0)6 51 82 47 12 E: Read more

Green Works variety Agapanthus Summer Love™ Blue® also qualified for semi-finals Glass Tulip 2017

Yes! We are very proud to announce that the by Green Works introduced Agapanthus Summer Love™ Blue® has been added to the list of semi-finalists of the Glass Tulip 2017. Read more

Watch the current crop of the  Green Works peony fields (video)

In this video, you will see the current crop of two of the many Green Works peony fields in Limburg in the Netherlands. The fields will be blooming in a couple of weeks. Read more