Sarah Bernhardt Unique™

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Introduction year:
Flowering time:
Flower type:
90 cm - 35,5''
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of Sarah Bernhardt Unique

The Sarah Bernhardt Unique™ sticks out because of the unique ''Monet'' paint stripes on the pink leaves. Even when the Sarah Bernhardt Unique™ opens it will keep it's beautiful pink colour. The Sarah Bernhardt Unique™ is a peony with strong stems and is known to open all the flowers easily.

Sarah Bernhardt Unique™ selection is characterized by;

- Excellent health
- Beautiful two year old plants
- Big heavy flower buds which open easily
- Flower buds have a pink color where the ''Monet'' paint stripes are already visible.
- When the flowerbuds open it remains beautiful pink.

In order to deliver a superior quality of plant material our plants meet the following requirements:

- Young and healthy plant material (Two year crop)
- True to variety
- Free of nematodes
- Free of invasive weeds
- Dutch grown and NAKT (Dutch Plant Inspection) inspected
- Well-sized, on average we deliver: 2-3 eyes (75 roots per lily crate)
and 3-5 eyes (50 roots per lily crate)
- For customers professional photography available

Sales and growing support

Do you want to know more about the peony Sarah Bernhardt Unique™ or one of our other peonies? Feel free to contact us and we will inform you the best way we can.