Green Works has created several unique Peony combinations, specially selected for Export(trade) and mail order. Itoh peonies originated from a cross between lactiflora (general peony) and suffruticosa (tree peony). As a result the plant develops beneath the soil as a normal peony (easy to divide) and above the soil as a tree peony. This results in the ultimate garden peony with lots of decorative value. When an Itoh peony has been grown for several years it is not unusual for the plant to produce 50 or more flowers. After flowering the Itoh peony is still a beautiful garden plant with decorative value. Green Works has an unusual large assortment of Itoh peonies available. In Lijnden (near Schiphol) we have planted a large assortment of peonies in a test garden. Here we have planted over 100 varieties. We supply young, healthy planting material, true to variety and true to size.

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