Scilla peruviana

Available: From week 29
Flowering time: March till May (depends on growing location)
Suited for: Indoor and outdoor use
Color: Blue – purple

The Scilla peruviana is a new addition to the assortment of Green Works. This variety, also known as the star hyacinth, has a bulb that can remain firmly in place and which provides beautiful blue flowers each year. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Scilla peruviana grows best in full sun, but the plants will also grow in partial shade. Excellent as a pot plant on the patio or in the garden. Use well-drained soil. The plants needs moisture before, during and right after flowering. After flowering, let the crop die off slowly. Lightly cover with leaves in the winter against severe frost.

This variety produces approximately 50 to 100 blue / purple flowers that are on a large stem.

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