Available: Wk. 18 to wk. 20
Plug size: 60 hole plugs
Flowering time: May to September
Crop time: Wk. 20 to wk. 14 (next year)
Pot size: 17 to 19 cm
Pots per m²: Depends on pot size
Pinching: No
Topping: No
Virus free: Tested by NAKT
Winter hardy: Sensitive to frost

Agapanthus Summer Love™ Blue® is a rich flowering plant that blooms from May to September with blue flowers. The compact growth makes this plant very suitable for the patio or in the garden.

We now have three varieties: Agapanthus Summer Love™ Blue® (later flowering) and Agapanthus Summer Love™ New Blue® (early flowering). These varieties are available from week 18 till week 20.

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