Agapanthus Summer Love

Agapanthus, also named African Lily, has its seeds in South Africa and belongs to the family of Liliaceae. The name is derived from the Greek: ‘Agape’ means love and ‘anthos’ means flower. Therefore it’s also named Flower of Love!

This African Lily is a sunbather. The plant has its seeds in the south of South Africa. For that reason it is very suitable for patio or in the garden. The long green leaves and the beautiful flowers are the selling points of this variety. The flowers are available in white as Agapanthus Summer Love™ White™ and in blue as Agapanthus Summer Love™ Blue™.

Distinguishing features of the Agapanthus Summer Love™  are:

  • Early flowering
  • Strong stems
  • Flowering all summer
  • Beautiful patio plant
  • Unique compact Agapanthus plant

Both types Agapanthus Summer Love™  have an unique appearance and every patio or garden will benefit of it.

Soil and nutrition

Tips for planting of the Agapanthus, use of the right soil and nutrition: the best potting soil for the Agapanthus can be ordered at Tref Ego, production number P1-048266 (Agapanthus medium).


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