Available: from week 32
Root size: nr. 1
Flowering time: January – April (depends on location)
Crop time: 8 – 12 weeks growing, 10 weeks flowering (depends on location)
Crop temperature: cold cultivation, free from frost
Plants per m²: 9 (3 rows per bed)
Cutting stage: flower open and shows color
Able to force: yes
Topping: no
Winter hardy: yes
Product code: 120181

Ranunculus Butterfly™ Helios® is a truly beautiful Ranunculus with lovely lemon-yellow colored flowers. The flower buds are a bit darker in color, but when the flower opens, it gets this really nice lemon-yellow color. Helios® has a good production and produces many stems. This variety is a little bit shorter in height than other Ranunculus, but 60 cm shouldn’t be a problem still.

Breeder: Aya Engei.

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