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Peonies information

Green Works is the partner for excellent quality Peonies planting material for successful cultivation

Besides supplier of young planting material for the professional cultivation Green Works is also a large supplier of peonies for the cultivation and trade, in the Netherlands and abroad. The quality of the planting material of Peonies, also known as Paeonia, is what makes us different and unique in the market.

Through years of experience in horticulture we can deliver top quality Peony material. Therefore Green Works is, and due to our professional coaching support, seen as a real specialist in the Peonies market.

Unique en various Peonies & Paeonia assortment

Our product range includes a large number of Peony varieties. All of our varieties can be found here on our website in the assortments category Paeonia, all the types are included with pictures and detailed information. Varying from Peonies perfect for cutting or for pot use.

Specialist in Peonies, delivered from our own cultivation

Plants are delivered from our own nurseries (two years growth) and no flowers are harvested. Also there is intensive inspection of (variety) viruses. In order to deliver a superior quality of plant material our Peonies meet the following requirements:

  • Young and healthy plant material(2-year crop)
  • True to variety
  • Free of nematodes
  • Free of root weeds
  • Dutch grown and NAKT inspected

Green Works is a reliable partner for breeders, professional, mail order and (export) traders.Interested or if you have any questions? Please feel free to contact with Green Works.